Amara Kaaviyam Review

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I’ve been on a Tamil film spree lately. More and more Tamil films are available with English subtitles these days, which is fantastic. So I’ve been doing some catching up.

One of the recent films I saw is Amara Kaaviyam, a romantic drama starring Sathya and Miya, and directed and written by Jeeva Shankar.

Amara Kaaviyam actually has a simple screenplay. It’s about the love story of two youngsters and the challenges that comes with that love. The film has a lot of things going for it. First of all, it’s very intense. So if you’re the type to enjoy Aashiqui type love stories, you will enjoy this one too.

Despite working with a fairly simple idea, Jeeva Shankar has visualized his story in a very gripping and thrilling way. So much so that I did not feel bored for even a minute during this movie, which is a very rare phenomenon during any romantic drama. Every scene and dialogue had a purpose and effect in this film. It was well directed and the performances were excellent. Especially Miya is very impressive with her acting and expressions. The actors were correctly cast and suited the characters they were chosen for. The sets and cinematography was perfect and the music is fantastic, you must definitely listen to it.

The one and only criticism I have of this film is the ending. I don’t believe that every film has to have and deliver a social message or set an example for society. I think that films can fulfill different types of purposes. Some can and do deliver a message, others are just made for entertainment, and there is nothing wrong with that. What I do believe however is that even if a film doesn’t have any constructive message for its audience, it should at least not deliver a negative or harmful message, wantonly or unwantonly.

Spoiler next…

A crime of passion may be an unexpected and thrilling conclusion to a story. The issue is actually not even the fact that he stabs her at the end. The issue is that we end the film with sympathy for the male lead, who has in fact just committed a gruesome crime and murdered someone whom he claimed to love. That is the problem. The fact that murder is presented as understandable or acceptable is the problem. The fact that the girl who is stabbed is okay with that is the problem. And it’s only a problem because violence against women and crimes of passion are still very prevalent in countries like India. Violence is still seen by many as a solution to frustration and love failure. The last thing we need is films that encourage this idea. This is the only aspect of this film that I didn’t like. If it had ended differently, it might not have been as shocking and impactful, but I think it would have been the right thing to do.

Aside from this point, I do think that you may enjoy this film if you like the genre.

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