Baar Baar Dekho Review


The trailer of Baar Baar Dekho was very promising. It was clear that it was a very different and interesting script. I’m happy to say that I really liked the film and that it lived up to my expectations.

I read some criticism prior about the acting and the story of the film. But frankly, after seeing the film, I don’t see what anyone has to complain about. The script is very fresh and interesting. The acting was satisfactory and I felt that the actors were well suited for their roles.  I found both Sidharth and Katrina less inhibited in this film. Both actors’ performances are influenced by the equation with the director and co-stars of their films. It’s clear in Baar Baar Dekho that these things made the actors comfortable and perform with a little more ease.

The film is about the relationship of Jai (Sidharth) and Diya (Katrina). They’re about to get married, much to the disappointment of Jai who feels overwhelmed and wants to concentrate on his career instead. He breaks it off with Diya and drinks himself to sleep. But when he wakes up the next morning, he finds himself in another place and another time. Jai continues to travel between different points in his life and slowly understands not only how important Diya is for him, but also how he is going to mess everything up if he continues to behave the same way. But can he make amends before it’s too late?

What’s most important is the message the film has to offer. The film teaches us how to value our time with our loved ones, and how to live in the present rather than sulk over the past or worry about the future. And indeed, the film fulfills this goal most effectively, as I found myself giving my mom a hug as I  watched Jai regret his mistakes and the time he has wasted.

A film that makes one to think about this concept–that our time in this world is shockingly short and that it’s easy to ignore the things that are truly important in it– is definitely worth watching.


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