Rustom Review


Rustom is categorized as a mystery crime, but there is really nothing mysterious about it. I’m disappointed with the film, which I expected to be similar to a Special Chabbis. I assume Akshay accepted the script with the same idea.

Spoilers next

Unfortunately, the story of the film does not make too much sense. There is no excitement or intrigue in the way it is written. If anything, Rustom’s defense in court is the only bit worth watching. Otherwise, the incidents are as clear as day. The poor writing prevented any sort of mystery. It was also illogical as we were never explained why an otherwise honest and respectable Navy commander decides to hit up a corrupt money deal involving Navy commanders.

I was also nauseated with the way romance was woven into the story. Although I expect feminists to approve of how Rustom reconciles with his unfaithful wife, I did not find it realistic. Actually the concept is quite right. How many women forgive their husbands’ unfaithfulness and continue their lives with them for the sake of love and family? Why can’t a husband do the same? Surely he could. But he generally doesn’t. I have never seen an example of such big-heartedness and compassion in a man, that he would forgive and continue to love a woman who had a sexual relationship with another man. Therefore, I couldn’t help but find this aspect of the film ludicrous at best.

An additional negative point is that the performance did not demand anything unique or special from Akshay who could have done wonders with a better written character and story. Therefore, you will not miss much by not watching Rustom. A Special Chabbis or Airlift is better worth your time.


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