The Power of Biswa Kalyan Rath’s Narrative


I don’t know if you are all familiar with Biswa Kalyan Rath, of the popular Biswa- Kanan duo of the Pretentious Movie Reviews series on Youtube. Biswa has a stand-up series on Amazon Prime, and you can catch the clips on Youtube as well. I have been following these clips but it was only recently that I caught a complete show.

I have no expertise to comment on stand-up comedy, but after seeing Biswa’s performance I couldn’t help but be impressed with his narrative style, which I think is the reason that he is unique and becoming more and more popular.

I think all stand-up comedians have a prep process before they go on stage. It is no surprise that that the show has a pre-planned theme. Biswa too has a theme in mind before going on stage, but what is so fantastic about Biswa’s performance is how he threads that theme throughout the narrative. He often dives into different topics, but somehow connects these topics to the main theme at the end. It’s a fantastic way of building-up an idea, and the re-emergence of this common theme creates confidence and comfort in the audience and helps them to bond with the narrative, and the comedian.

I’ve not been so much into stand-up comedy until recently, and it is mostly thanks to the new generation of Indian stand-up comedians, who truly do comedy with intelligence. Check these guys out on youtube when you get a chance.


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