Hindi & Turkish

When I first started watching Hindi films, I noticed right away that there are many common words in Hindi and Turkish. This has  been one of the factors that made me want to watch more Hindi films and aspire to learn Hindi. I don’t think that there is a resource for these common words online, so here it is!

I looked up the origin of these Turkish words and the origin of most of them are Farsi (Persian). I think the commonality is due to the Moghul influence on Hindi and the Persian influence on Turkish. A small number are Arabic in origin.


Hindi Turkish
1 Tamanna   (desire) Temenni   (desire)
2 Hawa    (wind) Hava    (air)
3 Parda    (curtain) Perde  (curtain)
4 Paneer     (cheese) Peynir   (cheese)
5 Rushwat    (bribe) Rüsvet    (bribe)
6 Handaan    (family) Handan   (all relatives)
7 Sine   (chest) Sine   (chest/heart)
8 Ajnabi   (stranger) Ecnebi   (foreigner)
9 Kismat  (destiny) Kısmet    (destiny)
10 Rab    (God) Rab  (God)
11 Mohabbat  (love) Muhabbet  (good conversation)
12 Tareef   (flattery) Tarif   (description)
13 Izzat  (respect/honour) Izzet   (respect/honor)
14 Arzoo  (desire) Arzu  (desire)
15 Alvida  (goodbye) Elveda  (goodbye)
16 Ziyaada  (more/a lot/too much) Ziyade   (enough/more)
17 Dard   (fear) Dert    (cause of worry)
18 Farq   (difference) Fark    (difference)
19 Saf   (clean/clear) Saf  (naïve/innocent)
20 Hafta  (week) Hafta  (week)
21 Aitraaz  (objection) Itiraz   (objection)
22 Qurbaan (sacrifice) Kurban   (sacrifice)
23 Fadaa  (to give/sacrifice) Feda   (to give/sacrifice)
24 Asumaan  (sky) Asuman  (female name)
25 Rang  (color) Renk   (color)
26 Wadi  (valley) Vadi  (valley)
27 Hasrat  (longing) Hasret  (longing)
28 Esaas  (understand/understanding) Esas  (real/reality)
29 Waqt   (time) Vakit  (time)
30 Taraf  (way/side) Taraf   (way/side)
31 Chehra   (face) Cehre  (face)
32 Haq  (right) Hak  (right)
33 Dua  (prayer) Dua  (prayer)
34 Qui ki  (because) Çünkü  (because)
35 Shikayat  (complaint) Şikayet   (complaint)
36 Insaan  (person/Man) Insan  (person/Man)
37 Farz  (duty) Farz  (religious duty)
38 Waqeel (lawyer)/Waqalat  (law) Vekil   (who can speak on your behalf)/Vekalet  (permission to act on your behalf)
39 Jaan  (life) Can  (life)
40 Adaa  (style) Eda   (female style)
41 Khabar  (news) Haber  (news)
42 Mulaqaat  (meeting) Mülakat
43 Maalum (know/knowing) Malum  (known)
44 Ehm  (great/important) Ehemmiyet  (importance)
45 Jannat  (heaven) Cennet   (heaven)
46 Safar  (journey) Sefer  (journey)
47 Subaah  (morning) Sabah  (morning)
48 Parishaan  (upset/bothered) Perişan  (upset/exhausted)
49 Qafi  (very/very much/a lot) Kafi   (enough)
50 Varis (Urdu)  (children) Varis
51 Vadaa  (promise) Vade  (promise)
52 Donya  (world) Dünya  (world)
53 Insaafi  (fairness) Insaf  (fair/just)
54 Shahir  (city) Şehir  (city)
55 Dastan  (story) Destan  (story/tale)
56 Sırf[1]  (only/just) Sırf  (only)
57 Shohrat  (glory) Şohret  (fame)
58 Zameendar[2]  (wealthy) Zemindar?
59 Taaqıt  (strength) ?
60 Sharafat  (honour) Şerafet (honour)
61 Kitaab  (book) Kitap  (book)
62 Lakin  (but) Lakin  (but)
63 Shairi  (poetry) Şiir  (poetry)/ Şair  (poet)
64 Azaadi  (freedom) ?
65 Nazaqaat  (sensitivity) Nezaket  (kind/considerate)
66 Jaanim  (dearest) Canim  (my life)
67 Majburi  (obligation) Mecburiyet  (obligation)
68 Hayaal  (thought) Hayal  (daydream)
69 Jawab  (answer) Cevap  (answer)
70 Istifaa  (resignation) Istifa  (resignation)
71 Shahid  (perhaps/male name) Şahit  (perhaps)
72 Nazar  (glance/sight/eyes/evil eye) Nazar  (evil eye)
73 Deewana  (crazy/besotted) Divane  (crazy)
74 Parwana Pervane
75 Afsana  (story) Efsane  (story/myth)
76 Mazboot  (serious) Mazbut  (respectable)
77 Mustaqbil  (career) Mustakbel  (future…)
78 İlaaj  (solution) İlac  (medicine)
79 Amanat  (belonging) Emanet (to leave in the care of)
80 Mulk  (Urdu) (country) Mülk  (what you own)
81? Nishaani  (symbol) Nişan  (engagement)
82 Jahannam  (hell) Cehennem  (hell)
83 Usuli  (principles) Usul  (methods)
84 Har  (every) Her  (every)
85 Kanoon  (law) Kanun  (law)
86 Jasoos  (spy) Casus  (spy)
87 Watan  (homeland) Vatan  (homeland)
88 Adalat  (court) Adalet  (justice)
89 Sukoon  (peaceful) Sukunet  (peace/quiet)
90 Shart  (condition) Şart  (condition)
91 Siyasat  (Urdu) (politics) Siyaset  (politics)
92 Hukumat  (state) Hukumet  (government)
93 Qurshundum[3] (Telugu) (gun/pistol) Kurşun  (bullet)
94 Sheesha (glass) Şişe  (glass bottle)
95 Shay (thing)/ Har shay  (everything) Şey (thing) / Herşey (everything)
96 Zarurat  (necessary)/ Zaroor (def.) Zaruriyet  (necessary)
97 Biradar (Urdu) (brother) Birader  (brother)
98 Dost  (friend) Dost  (friend)
99 Iradaa (decision) Irade  (self-control)
100 Kiraadar  (tenant) Kiraci  (tenant)/ Kira (rent)
101 Sahi-salamat Sag-selamet
102 Khayal  (thought/dream) Hayal  (day-dream)
103 Qadam-qadam (step by step…along the way) Adim-adim (step by step…along the way)
104 Daamaad  (son-in-law) Damat (son-in-law)
105 Qursee (chair) Kursi  (stand in front of room/chair as in govt. position)
106 Dawa (medicine) Deva (solution)
107 Niyat (intent) Niyet (intent)
108 Ibadaat  (worship) Ibadet  (worship)
109 Taqdeer  (destiny) Takdir  (respect/envy)
110 Dil  (heart) Dil  (tongue/language)
111 Kitaab  (book) Kitap  (book)
112 Qayb  (missing) Kayip  (lost/missing)
113 Tareeq  (date) Tarih (date)
114 Barabar  (equal) Beraber  (together)
115 Fayda  (benefit) Fayda  (benefit)
116 Barbaad  (destroyed/ruined) Berbat  (ruined/terrible)
117 Admi  (man) Adam  (man)
118 Bahar  (outside +mountains) Bahar  (spring)
119 Diwaar  (wall) Duvar  (wall)
120 Jehb  (pocket) Cep  (pocket)
121 Badan  (body) Beden  (body)
122 Janwara  (animals) Canavar  (monster)
123 Latifa  (joke) Latife
124 Mahalla  (neighborhood) Mahalle  (neighborhood)
125 Umeed  (hope) Umit  (hope)
126 Dastoor  (opportunity) Destur  (permission?)
127 Tasalli  (consolidation) Teselli  (consolidation)
128 Wafaqaa (loyalty) Vefakat  (loyalty)
129 Hasaab  (calculation) Hesap  (calculation)
130 Adat  (habit) Adet  (tradition)
131 Tawa  (pan) Tava  (pan)
132 Mubarak ho  (congratulations) Mubarek olsun  (congratulations)
133 Shorba  (soup) Corba  (soup)
134 Shaqil  (face) Sekil  (shape/image)
135 Paree (fairy) Peri  (fairy)
136 Khatir (for the sake of) Hatir/Hatrina (for the sake of)
137 Qabil (capable) Kabiliyet  (capability/skills)
138 Istimaal  (to use) Suistimal  (to take advantage of)
139 Gunaah  (crime) Gunah  (sin)
149 Paydah  (birth) Peydahlamak  (birth out of wedlock)
150 Tarqan  (heartbeat) Tarkan  (male name)
151 Faqeer  (poor/beggar) Fakir  (poor)
152 Nateeja (result) Netice  (result)
153 Aitraaz  (objection) Itiraz  (objection)
154 Laash  (dead body) Les  (dead body)
155 Dushman  (enemy) Dűşman  (enemy)
156 Dafa (time as in 1st time) Defa (time as in 1st time)
157 Bahane (excuse) Bahane (excuse)
158 Avaaz (voice) Avaz (voice, speaking loudly)
159  Hissa (part, piece of) Hisse (part, piece of)
160 Jurm (crime) Cürüm (crime)

[1] Interestingly, there is an “I” sound in Hindi, just as in Turkish.

[2] Zameendar comes from zameen, meaning land, so zameendar literally means “landowner”, thus wealthy.

[3] The only Telugu word I have come across which is similar to Turkish. There is also a similar Telugu outcry “aboooo.”

12 thoughts on “Hindi & Turkish

  1. Superb article ! I wasn’t aware of all the similar words between both languages. For the moment I’ve been checking similar words between turkish and french. There are a lot !

  2. Brother, the words and language you mentioned above is Urdu that is rebranded as Hindi after partition. Word Urdu itself is Turkish word, and main language of pakistan. Since India is bigger country so people know it most as Hindi language. Actual words and vocabulary used in Indian movies is Urdu in majority.

  3. Eshk (love) in Hindi and Ashk (love) in Turkish
    I also noticed same similarity, as I recently started watching Hindi movies, after having watched a lot of Turkish movies.

    • I also noticed same thing when i was watching a turkish serial ask lafdaanlamza . I noticed the word spoken by murat is duneya(world) and is same in hindi it is duniya (world) also some words which majorly i noticed is that a slight difference between e,a, i which slightly change the pronounciation rest meaning is same

  4. Great list! If you allow me to make a remark, most words are from Arabic. The commonality stems from Arabic. It is in all likelihood due to the expansion of the Muslim empire, to Persia, Turkey, India, etc. The language of the Quran is Arabic, thus many none Arabic speaking inherited Muslims still inherited words from the Arabic language. I noticed some words in Hindi stem from Persian. I think like someone mentioned Hindi is a version of Urdu. As for why words like Dost and Perishan and Dard are the same in Hindi/Urdu and Turkish, I am still confused!

  5. The word Taaqıt (strength) has Turkish equivalent: takat being used in the same sense
    Azaadi (freedom) is also being used especially the adjective form Azaad (free ) The prefix of the word Azaadi, and Turkish word Özgürlük “öz” “az” are etimologically the same meaning “self”. I think Teselli (consolidation) is incorrect. It should have been solace. Istimaal (use) is rather being used in the negative sense in Turkish Language meaning “misuse”. Handaan (family)is used in the sense of dynasty royal family (hanedan) . Mülakat means interview. Varis means inheritor.

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