Endukante Premanta

This film has suspense elements. If you have any intention to see the film, do not read past the first three paragraphs here. Otherwise, it will ruin the film for you.

First of all, the reviews and ratings given for this film are not fair. It received average to low ratings across the board but the film, in reality, is pretty good. I don’t deny that there are a few shortcomings, but it deserves much better ratings and I think it’s worth a watch.

I’m glad that I didn’t listen to the bad reviews and decided to see the film. Honestly, I watched it for Tamannah only but Ram stole the show. He was superb in this film, especially in the last few scenes. He expresses emotions very well. The last time I saw Ram was all the way back during Ready days and I can see that he has improved a lot. He’s a better actor now. Tamannah was good and played her role well as usual. This girl is a charmer, I think I will watch all Tamannah films regardless of the ratings, well maybe not Himmatwala. I heard very bad things about that one.

Now to the story of the film. If you read other reviews and synopses online, they will fool you into thinking that this film is about reincarnation. No doubt, there is a reincarnation segment in the film. The film starts out showing how these two characters had met in a previous life. I personally thought that the film was going to be about how the characters discover their past life connection and fall in love. But that’s not what the film is about. The film is about how Ram (Ram) struggles to keep Sravanthi (Tamannah) alive. Her life is in danger and Ram is the only one who can help her.

Sravanthi is a medicine student and the daughter of the Indian ambassador to Paris. She has lived under strict security because of her father’s job and wishes to live freely. One day, she comes to know that someone who works under her father is collaborating with a terrorist. The man comes to know and makes a plan to send Sravanthi to India and have her killed so that his true character is not revealed.  Sravanthi arrives in Hyderabad and gets into a car accident while running away from the goons and falls into a coma.

There are two scenes in the film that are very important. These scenes shocked me. I didn’t expect this film to have suspense elements in it and I have to say that it was a very pleasant surprise. I think the writers did an excellent job at building the suspense without making it apparent. The first scene that shocks is the scene of the car accident. Sravanthi falls out of the car and is clearly unconscious. Then, immediately, you see the goons arriving at the place of the accident and Sravanthi getting up and running. Just as I was thinking how ridiculous this scene was, things changed. I mean, how can someone have a serious accident like that, clearly fall unconscious and then get up and run? But my question was answered. When Sravanthi hears the goons say that she’s dead, she turns around and sees her body still lying on the ground. Yes, you heard it right. Sravanthi’s spirit is separated from her body. It was also at this time that I understood why Sravanthi was wearing the same clothes everyday.

Her body is taken to the morgue but right before she is placed, a doctor holds her wrist and notices that she still has a pulse. Sravanthi’s body is put in the ICU but no one knows her identity. The goons are also unaware that she is not dead.

Sravanthi’s spirit returns to Paris to tell everything to her father but naturally, no one can see or hear her. Except for Ram. Ram was sent to Paris to work as a coolie at a winery by his father as punishment for his misdeeds. This part is stupid, but they had to find a way to get Ram to Paris. On one of those days, Ram sees Sravanthi’s spirit and starts talking to her. Sravanthi realizes that Ram is the only one who can see her and devises a plan to get Ram to Hyderabad to show him her body in the ICU and ask for his help. The second scene of suspense is when Ram sees Sravanthi’s body in the hospital and realizes that he has been hanging out with a spirit all this time. Meanwhile, the goons find out that Sravanthi is still alive and plan to finish her off.

The rest of the story is about how Ram tries to keep Sravanthi alive while her dad gets to know the truth and comes for his daughter. Meanwhile, Sravanthi is being treated by Ram’s aunt who is also a doctor. They have to administer three medications to her on time in order to treat the blood clot in her brain so that she comes out of the coma. But every time, the goons find her body and Ram has to save her before it’s time for the next medication.

The one major problem with this film is the ending. It’s too rushed and not elaborated enough. I find it extremely frustrating when the writers build up an intense story and keep us on our edge for three hours and then decide to take the easy way out and end the film in just a few minutes. I was expecting a more touching, emotional ending and felt unsatisfied when the film got over.

The other problem is the songs. Except for two songs which were a part of the story, the rest of the songs were ill-fitting, unnecessary and just annoying. I personally skipped those songs altogether and if you watch the film, I suggest you to do the same. One gets a better grasp of the film when it’s not cut up by stupid songs with stupid lyrics about lentils and milk shakes.

Nee Choopuley, Yegiri Povey and Hrudayama Pagalake are nice. I also liked the background theme. The rest of the songs were a waste in my opinion.

I want to finish up my review by saying that this film could have been so much better if the filmmakers had not bothered with the comedy and the dance songs and had made this film a straight-out suspense romance. Telugu film industry is not very courageous and is afraid of venturing out of the typical romance-comedy-drama in one masalas. If this film had been made in the Tamil or Hindi industry, it would have been made very differently and it would have probably been a hit. One day, I hope to see Telugu films that are more unconventional.

Despite this, I hold my ground that it’s a decent film with a good story and can be watched.

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